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New Shags

Fall/Winter 2022

New Styles


Inspired by the sharp contrast and mesmerizing motion of a cascading row of dominoes, this variegated stripe is at once dynamic and serene. Lines of varying widths create an ombré effect that is heightened when viewed at a distance.


Bringing together bold hues, dynamic lines, and tufted texture, this lively take on classic stripes reimagines the rainbow. Bands of color are softened by their interplay with white, creating a surface that can complement a range of palettes and styles.



The Everywhere Mat,

Designed for Real Life.

With a tufted texture that feels great on bare feet, Chilewich Shag floor mats combine the sturdiness of an all-weather doormat with the plush good looks of a rug, making them a welcome addition to any space, indoors or out.


With a quick-drying, stain-resistant surface of tufted yarns, Shag mats thrive on porches and patios as well as in mudrooms and bathrooms, and their distinctive colors and patterns make them a beautiful and useful addition to any kitchen.
A sturdy vinyl backing ensures they stay put, and integrated microbial protection makes them resistant to mold and mildew.

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