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Swell Wall Catchall

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The Swell Wall Catchall is thoughtfully designed to simplify the process of coming and going from your home. Hang your coat and scarf, toss your keys and wallet into the cups … everything you need is conveniently located in one place and beautifully organized. Swell was designed by Anna Dawson – a California surfer – who also uses the cups to hold surfboard wax and extra bike tubes

Anna Dawson’s Swell is an inspiring piece that solves a problem using modern design. Shaped like waves in the ocean, the undulating curves cradle your coat and protect your keys.

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White (01)

Black (02)

Blue (09)

Orange (07)

Yellow (08)

Dimensions : 73 cm x 7,6 cm x 35,6 cm

Weight capacity : 35,8 kg

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Item # 2303-_ _

100% recyclable ABS plastic.

Made in China.

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