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New Floor Mats

Spring/Summer 2024

New Colors

New Styles


A gradation of weaves creates the soft-edged shapes of Arc. Rows of layered crescents intersect and align to form a dynamic pattern of connected curves and rich texture.


Botanic is a fresh perspective on floral motifs, featuring a deconstructed bouquet brought to life on the loom. The thoughtful application of color adds dimension to this versatile and lively weave.

Having previously explored florals through printed and molded textiles, the Chilewich design team set out to push the boundaries of weaving—and creativity. Botanic was developed through a playful and iterative process that began with a trip to New York's Flower District. Back at the studio, a variety of stems were arranged on paper. These compositions were then covered in a coat of spray paint. When the flowers were lifted away from the painted paper, their silhouettes remained.

The works on paper were photographed and then the compositions were collaged digitally. Finally, the image was translated into a woven jacquard, its playful blooms enlivened through unexpected color.


Inspired by marled knitwear, Pepper is an especially textural weave that incorporates multiple hues. It was developed through an iterative process in Chilewich's New York design studio, where a series of handlooms ultimately yielded a harmonious balance of subtle pattern, versatile color combinations, and a uniquely tactile quality.


The geometry, symmetry, and contrast of a checkboard pattern is playfully softened in Warp. Squares break free of the grid, stretching and bending to form rows of undulating organic lines in natural tones.

More ways to ground any space

With more high-performance woven floor mat options than ever before, pulling a room together just got easier. This collection introduces a broad range of fresh hues for signature weaves such as Bamboo, Basketweave, and Mini Basketweave as well as new favorites like Bay Weave, while expanding the availability of our largest floor mat size: Super, measuring 96 by 120 inches (244 x 305 centimeters).

As Always, Perfect for Every Space

All Chilewich woven floor mats are sleek, easy to clean, and safe with a sturdy latex backing that prevents curling and slipping (no rug pad required!).


Made in the USA, they’re perfect for use in living and dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, entryways and even outdoors.

Kid-Friendly Rugs

for Real Life

Our floor mats are also a kid-friendly foundation for any space, indoors or out. A protective base layer provides enhanced slip resistance and safety, and increased comfort underfoot.

With a flat-woven surface that repels allergens and wipes clean, these ultra-durable mats are a fuss-free foundation for playrooms, bedrooms, and beyond. A backing of synthetic latex makes them stable and safe—no rug pad needed. Self-bound edges complete the contemporary look.

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